About us

l'ONGANAD est une Organisation Non Gouvernementale mauritanienne agréée 2011 sous le récépissé N° 171/MIPT. Elle intervient au tous régions du pays. Les objectifs es principes ANAD domaines fondamentaux : lutte contre désertification - lutte contre changement climatique santé-hygiène, Gestion Décentralisée des Ressources Naturelles, Développement Organisationnel, Sécurité Alimentaire/Nutrition, Cash Transfer et Protection Sociale.

ANAD is based in Mauritania, Africa. With the support of the World Food Programme and PARSACC, we have planted 25 000 trees!

Planting trees to protect our homes, culture, and planet.

Our aim

Combat desert and environmental degradation. The afforestation project also helps rural people to stay in their villages, and support them in countering the effects of climate changes that caused the absence of rain.

How can you help us?

Join our afforestation project, and help us to plant 100,000 trees, in order to restore 200 hectares of degraded lands in the village of Bareina from desertification. In partnership with the Global Tree Initiatve, we are inviting you to plant one or many trees with us!

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